Mike LaBahn is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and author who inspires and motivates others to lead successful lives according to biblical principles. With expertise, insight, and compassion, he effectively helps people with their business, financial, personal, and spiritual needs. He loves to share the wisdom of God’s Word and to see people transformed by it's message of hope.

As cofounder and vice-president of LaBahn’s Landscaping, Inc., Mike has led his family-owned company in providing the best customer service and landscape maintenance and management for commercial properties in San Diego County. The company today employs more than seventy people and continues to supply work of the highest caliber in southern California. Mike’s dual ethic of excellence and relationship instrumentally partners with customers to ensure that their business goals become reality. 

Along with being a successful entrepreneur, Mike is a consultant for strategic business, church, and personal planning. He serves on the boards of Foothills Church and Foothills Christian High School, ministries that reach thousands each week. Through highly successful programs like Future Quest, Youth Venture, and Children’s Bus Ministries, these organizations are having a tremendous impact on the next generation. Mike shares Foothills’ vision to train, equip, and release millennials to be effective ambassadors for Christ. 

Mike knows that the Bible offers real solutions to the pressures, challenges, and temptations facing people today. He has spent the last thirty years studying everything the Bible says on how to handle money, work, and giving. Through lessons learned in the early days when his startup company operated on a shoestring budget, to growing the company into the thriving enterprise it is today, Mike has discovered that in order to achieve success—true godly success—businesspeople, church leaders, and laypeople alike need to lean not on their own understanding but to trust God every step of the way. Trusting in God, Mike set a goal of giving away more than one million dollars. He has attained that goal and is now working toward giving away another million. Mike’s message is clear: God is the source of all we have, and good stewards are influential change-makers in the world. 

The practical side of life has always fascinated Mike. Perhaps that is why he loves the book of Proverbs so much and has spent decades encouraging people to bring God into their work, relationships, and finances. In his books Money Management God’s Way and Giving God’s Way, Mike brings spiritual principles to life. Thousands have been helped by his direct approach, personal transparency, and inspirational true stories. In Mike’s writings and speaking engagements, people learn down-to-earth, user-friendly, real-world concepts and applications that transform the way people think and live—from barely surviving to thriving. 

Active in the business and Christian community, Mike travels nationally and internationally, presenting seminars on Marriage God’s Way, Money Management God’s Way, and Goal-Setting God’s Way. With his wife Julie, he has helped countless couples overcome marital problems and financial troubles. His Goal-Setting God’s Way program ministers especially to young men and offers solutions to issues such as margins, self-discipline, time management, perseverance, and problems of procrastinators. Mike mentors others to grow and mature as they put biblical precepts to work in their lives. 

Married for over thirty-five years, Mike and Julie live in El Cajon, California. They have two daughters, three sons, and one precious granddaughter. A fierce competitor and physical fitness nut, Mike has competed in many triathlons and for years has played racquetball several times a week. He is an admitted high school basketball junkie who’s been known to attend a tournament during Christmas week and watch thirty-five games over four days. When Mike isn’t helping others, he likes to read, hike, watch sunsets and sunrises, and go for walks when the moon is full and the sky is clear. He also enjoys fishing on Oregon’s Umpqua River.